Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Ady,

Welcome to the world, and welcome to the family. As I write this, you are about 10 days old and sleeping most of the time. It is a Monday, and you have just spent a weekend with grandma and me up here in Milwaukee. The joy your presence has brought us is immense. You have no idea how a new life affects a family.

From time to time, I will leave notes or you on this site. As you get older, you may want to read them (when you can understand them). If you chose not to, that is okay as well. You see, you have your own life to create, and you shouldn't let anyone "should" you. Yes, there will be things that mom and dad will not allow you to do because they are unsafe or unwise. But, as you grow older, there will be decisions for you to make, and only you will be able to make them. Don't let others decide what is best for you. Get advise from people you trust and make your own decisions.

Wow, I am really getting ahead of the time. For now, just remember what I always say to you and your cousin, Joseph:

Papa loves you

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